Monday, December 31, 2012

My year in movies

The closest I came to any sort of resolution in 2012 was to tell myself I was going to see 52 movies released this year, so an average of a new movie a week. Not an unreasonable or undoable resolution. Only instead of seeing new movies, I caught up on some older fare, watched TV, and read some books. I also became a fan of original online programming (I recommend The Lizzie Bennett Diaries and Burning Love.) So while looking at the running list of new movies I had seen this year in early December, I realized I was woefully behind on my goal, and had to see an average of one new movie a day before the end of the year in order to meet my goal. Out went any discretion in movie selection. It was a movie released in 2012 and it was readily available on Netflix or Amazon? Well, then I was going to watch it. Among those movies were some not-so-bad surprises. And some truly godawful clunkers. Below is a list of everything I managed to see by December 31st.