Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I put a sock in it
I love wearing my hair in a bun. I have since I was a kid. I think it looks way more sophisticated than a ponytail or a braid, the other two default ways I have of keeping my hair in control and out of my face. Why do only ballet dancers get to be called bunheads? I mean, what about Princess Leia? Can I use the term if I danced ballet for about a year in first grade? Do I get bonus points because I got to dance with the long tutu? I'm claiming the word for those of us who don't pliĆ©.

In the past year I've heard about both a novel and a TV show called Bunheads, apparently completely unrelated. I actually want to check both of them out - but they are both about dancers, not about women who like to shape their hair into donuts on their head just for the heck of it.  In the past week I've heard of a technique that I was previously unaware of to obtain a nice puffy bun - using a sock. It's quick, and is way more work appropriate than my previously mentioned default dos. I highly recommend Googling sock bun tutorial if you have longish hair that tends to drive you crazy in the summer.

So for now, and for probably a big chunk of the summer, I am wearing a sock in my hair. I am really digging being a (sock)bunhead.

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