Saturday, April 20, 2013

More junkie recommendations

While packing for a trip, and trying to cull my beauty supplies down to a semi-reasonable travel bag, I realized that I have quite a few more current favorites and "holy grail" products than those I just wrote about. So in case you're one of the people who have asked me for product recommendations recently, or you're looking for something new, or are buying a present for someone and want some tips, or are secretly a junkie too: here are some more things I think are great. If you are none of these things....well, thanks again for stopping by.

These are a few more of my favorite things:
  • Seche Vite dry fast top coat - I paint my nails several times a week, and the reason I can is this top coat. You know what happens - as soon as you paint your nails, you feel the need to scratch your nose or go to the bathroom, and suddenly that manicure you just spent all that time on is ruined. Not if you use this stuff! It dries in just a few minutes and I love how shiny it is. I buy it in bulk at a nail supply store. The one thing I've noticed is that you have to be careful to seal it well, because it has a tendency to get very thick very quickly, probably because of whatever chemical helps it dry so fast on the nail.
  • Zoya Remove+ nail polish remover - I used to think all nail polish remover was created equal. It all smelled bad and dried out my nails, so why pay more for a name brand when the generic one was the same. Then I got a sample size of this stuff, and I changed my tune. It is great at removing polish, even tough stuff like blue or green colors or glitter. I find it to be even more effective than pure acetone. Most importantly, it doesn't dry out my nails. Again, I buy the jumbo size of this stuff, not only because I use it a lot, but also because it's way more cost effective that way. It's pricier than I'd like, but so much better than killing my nails. 
  • Milk of magnesia - yes, I have included milk of magnesia as a beauty product. I don't know who first got the brilliant idea of putting a digestive aid on their face, but they were on to something. I've used olive oil to remove my makeup, coconut oil as a hair moisturizer, and baking soda paste to sooth itchy bug bites, so I'm definitely not opposed to trying home remedies. I have found this one to be an excellent oil-control primer, and whenever I use it under makeup not only am I less shiny, but my makeup lasts much longer. If you're going to try it though, get the plain unflavored variety. I don't think cherry flavoring will work well with foundation. ;)
  • Tweezerman slant tweezers - yes, they have perfectly aligned tips that grab every hair, every time, and yes, they offer free sharpening in order to keep them that way, but that is only part of the reason I have a pair of these with me all the time. We have a mirror in the ladies room at work that belongs in one of those house of horror places in a carnival - it points out every flaw. You think you're looking good, but then you go wash your hands, and see a zit you didn't know you had, or some random hair growing out of your neck you had never seen before, because it's so fine it's only visible in the horror mirror. These tweezers are awesome enough to grab those fine hairs and make them a thing of the past....until the next time you make the mistake of looking up at your reflection.
  • Soap & Glory Hand Food - I got a sample of this stuff as some sort of gift with purchase, and immediately fell in love with it. It's moisturizing but not greasy, and I LOVE the scent. I loved it so much in fact, I had to go buy not only a whole holiday gift set of cleanser and lotion, I bought the actual "Original Pink" eau de parfum.
  • Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain - Seems like every single makeup brand has a version of a lipstick pencil nowadays, but this one is probably my favorite. They have better color payoff than most lip balms, with the staying power of a lip stain. I love the minty scent/taste and that they're not too shiny. I have four and wear them often since picking up the first last year. One drawback is that I don't think they are very moisturizing, but I don't find them drying either. If you have very dry lips, you might want to put on lip balm before applying though.
  • La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo - I have oily skin. For me that means that acne has never been a thing of the past. Finding products that keep my skin relatively clear is something that I've been working on since my teens, with varying degrees of success. Last year, my skin rebelled. I broke out like crazy, and I had so many little bumps on my face it felt like something was written on it in Braille. (It probably said "Change your skincare routine.") I tried a bunch of different things to clear it up, and this, combined with the Skin MD moisturizer I mentioned in my earlier post, are what worked wonders. Not that I suddenly have perfect skin, but the texture has improved dramatically, breakouts have decreased greatly, and the Braille bumps are thankfully a thing of the past. For something sold at the drugstore it is RIDICULOUSLY expensive, but because it is sold at the drugstore it does occasionally go on sale - which is when it's totally worth trying.
Needless to say, all of the above named products made the cut into my travel bag...which is really 3 bags. One clear quart-size for liquids and lotions, one large zip pouch for cosmetics, and a small case for the makeup brushes I can't leave home without. Because as a junkie, I don't want to end up in a place without my stash and start having a violent withdrawal or something. ;)

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