Thursday, July 25, 2013


Do you ever feel the need to just overshare? Or talk about intimate personal matters at great length? I'm not saying I do, just posing a question. I mean, sometimes, you just want to know if someone else is having the same problems you are. Maybe that salad you had at lunch didn't agree with you, and you just want to know if anyone else had the same issue, so maybe it's the restaurant's fault. Maybe you just want to know if the color of a bodily fluid is "normal." Or you want to commiserate with others, see if they have tips on facial hair removal. Or you're looking to confirm that your family is in fact, the craziest. Perhaps during an emergency situation you happened to come across the wonder of a fabulous public restroom - clean, well-lit, with towels and lotion - and in the process of sharing this wonder you maybe went into too much detail about what led you there in the first place. In theory, of course. Or as a question posted anonymously somewhere.

Generally speaking, I have no problem with what any of this stuff that some would consider TMI. Except perhaps if you share overly intimate details about your significant other, because I'm terribly immature and may have problems looking them in the eye and not giggling after learning about how they cried during that thing that time while naked.

Having a place to overshare is why the internet was invented.....right? The problem is that the world wide web literally contains too much information, which can be overwhelming. And then I have a hard time shutting my brain off in order to go to sleep. So then I feel the need to blab on and on about tossing and turning and how the only thing that puts me to sleep is trying to watch the movie Eat Pray Love which works better than a sleeping pill for me. (I've seen her eat, pray, and love - but never all the way through from start to finish.) And because I'm sleepless and maybe a little delirious and have OD'd on Orange Is The New Black (loving it!) suddenly I think Julia Roberts' character in that movie is totally Piper from OITNB and that movie would've been a whole lot better if instead of whining in Bali she would've been thrown in jail with Crazy Eyes and Red. And there you go, I've gone and thrown out a little TMI on the inner workings of my warped mind.

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