Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Current loves

A couple of conversations with friends have had me thinking about how I haven't written a blog post in awhile, and all the Valentine's Day marketing has me wanting to share about things I love, so I thought I'd start by writing something easy: new-to-me beauty products that I've been using and loving in the past couple of months. Just in case you, like me, like trying new things, maybe you'll take a shot at one of my recommendations. Hopefully you're NOT like me in the using shopping for beauty as therapy, because this past year my therapy trips have increased to the discomfort of my wallet. I will say I have gotten a lot better about shopping sales and hunting for coupon codes, and using Ebates to get some $$ back to invest on more shopping. :)

I am trying to stick with products I haven't written about before, since for the most part, a lot of my favorites haven't changed all that much. I highly encourage you to check out any one of these if they sound like something up your alley.

Too Faced Peach Perfect Mattifying Setting Powder: Very finely milled powder that sets and mattifies my skin without looking cakey, and smells like peaches. (Thankfully it's not a scent that lingers.) I've become quite addicted to this stuff, and not just because it tastes sweet. (I'm not eating it, but it's so finely milled I sometimes accidentally injest a bit of it, and the fact that it's sweet makes it a pleasant experience when it happens.)

Julep It's Whipped Matte Lip Mousse in ULTAmate Mauve:  A liquid lipstick that isn't super drying! It has a mousse texture that is easy to apply and pretty comfortable to wear. It wears really nicely too. It doesn't set to be transfer-proof, but I actually prefer that since it means it doesn't completely dry out my lips either. Of course the shade I love is rosy brown, but I've tried a couple of others and they've all been nice.

Colored Raine Queen of Hearts palette: I love just about everything about this palette. Super pigmented eyeshadows that apply, blend, and wear like a dream, in shades that I love from a female minority-owned cruelty-free company. I've travelled with this one, and reach for it more than any other palette I own - which is saying a lot because I own A LOT of eyeshadow. Find yourself a discount code and get this. (When you can - this was limited edition, then it was so popular they brought it back, but it seems they keep selling out. It's good ya'll.) If the colors don't speak to you, Colored Raine eyeshadows are pretty great in general, so I would encourage trying out a different palette with shades you might use more.

Glossier boy brow I really like this eyebrow gel - it has a waxy formula that holds brows without feeling crunchy, and tinted formula helps disguise patchy areas too. You can get a bit of discount if you use my link. I like most of the Glossier products I've tried - their jelly cleanser and balm dot com are quite nice as well.

Jordan Samuel Etoile with Retinol Treatment Oil: Thanks to a recommendation from my favorite skincare enabler Caroline Hirons I found something to use instead of my beloved (but so expensive!) Sunday Riley Luna oil at a more reasonable price tag. This oil has taken a prominent role in my nighttime skincare routine - I have repurchased twice, which for me is saying something. I still slightly prefer Luna, but this stuff is really nice, and considering I can get two for the price of ONE bottle of Luna, it's staying in heavy rotation. The other products I've tried from the line are all lovely as well - the hydrate serum is fantastic, the plie cleanser makes my skin feel great, and the performance moisturizer plays nicely with all my other lotions and potions. The fact that the products have ballet names because the founder is a former ballet dancer is something I actually find charming.

e.l.f Lip Exfoliator  A sweet sugar scrub that is easy to travel with, and leaves lips feeling conditioned. I've been using this stuff daily, and have one at work, one at home, and one in my purse. (This winter and all those liquid lipsticks have been harsh on my lips.) It comes in a couple of different flavors, my favorite is the mint.

CYO Long Lasting Foundation An inexpensive foundation I really like! A nice lightweight foundation that lasts well, covering imperfections without clinging to dry patches (winter is hell on skin) and it doesn't feel or look cakey either.

Catrice Glam & Doll False Lashes mascara has quickly become an all-time favorite. Lengthens and volumizes, doesn't flake, and it comes at a very affordable price. That's all I ask for really.

Hadalabo Gokujun Hyaluronic Lotion Moist I've been slightly obsessed with Korean skin care over the past couple of years, so it may be surprising to find out that this product is actually from Japan. This is basically functions as the "essence" portion in a Korean skin care regimen - it's a hydrating liquid you apply before using serums/oils/moisturizers, and whatever magic juju it contains helps anything you apply after it absorb better. A couple of drops help moisturize and prep my whole face and neck, and although it doesn't seem to do much at first, I have found that my whole regimen seems to work better since I added this stuff into the rotation.

That's all for now - but I think all those hearts and fake cupids in stores have inspired me, so I'll be writing about other loves (maybe even non-beauty related!) soon.

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