Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A rainbow connection, I mean collection

As is clear if you know me, or becoming clear if you've read several posting in this blog, I have have a deep love for cosmetics and beauty-related products. Someone asked me recently when this love, some might say obsession, began, and I honestly couldn't remember. My age was definitely in the single digits.

One of the first beauty products I remember being obsessed with was nail polish. All those pretty shiny little bottles held some sort of magic for me. I REALLY wanted to paint my nails bright red or just looked so cool and grown up. I was so determined to paint my nails, that when my father told me I wasn't allowed to use nail polish, I decided to circumvent the ban by coloring my nails with red permanent marker. After much scrubbing, my nails still looked orange for a few days, maybe weeks, and I do believe I was issued various forms of punishment. I lost that battle....but ended up winning the war. Soon after, I was allowed to use a polish made for kids, that washed off with soap and water. Not my end goal, but it was a start. It was not too much later that I was allowed to get the real stuff. And not too much after that when I starting venturing from pinks and reds to blues and yellows.

In the last couple of years, my collection has grown tremendously. I now own over 70 different colors of polishes. It's a little out of control, I know. Although I do usually get polishes when they are on sale, or at my favorite nail supply wholesaler where they are deeply discounted, I know I still own waaay more than would be considered normal. I realize that my color selection is larger than that of some small salons. I'm actually pretty positive I have more colors than the manicurist I used to go to as a treat whenever I visited my parents. I have totally created my own rainbow of polishes, and I'm under it's spell.

I very rarely get manicures anymore. I like painting my nails different colors to suit my mood and the weather, so I'd rather spend the money on different colors and do it myself. Painting my nails relaxes me. And much like it was when I was in the single digits, I am just fascinated by the pretty/shiny magic of them.

My rainbow collection is a vision - but not an illusion.
ROY G BIV and amazing that it keeps us star gazing

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