Friday, May 24, 2013

Rose gold lover

I love rose gold. I didn't at first - when I was first introduced to rose gold jewelry some 20-odd years ago (prior to that I thought gold only came in yellow tones), I thought it looked cheap and tacky. Probably because the rose gold jewelry I first saw was cheap and tacky. But over the years, I've come to love it. I'm sure I've come to love it in no small reason because the color is very flattering on me. It combines my love of gold and copper perfectly.

Because I love it and find it flattering (on people besides me), I've found myself attracted to rose gold makeup, so it was great to see a video with recommendations on some of the best posted by one of my favorite YouTube beauty gurus, Emily Eddington. While I loved that she featured some of my favs, like the L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadow in Amber Rush (love it), I thought - hey, Emily, you're missing some! So since she can't actually hear me while I watch her videos in the comfort of my home, I thought I would post on the internet and add to the list, in case others were interested. Below are some of my favorite rose gold makeup items, in addition to hers. (I encourage you to watch her video for those.) I've tried to link to other sites where you can look at the products more closely if you so choose. 
  • Milani baked blush in Rose D'Oro: it's kind of a sparkly/glowy peachy coral with gold, which in and of itself makes it lovely, but it also pairs really nicely with rose gold/rose copper eye makeup.
  • Sleek blush in Rose Gold: it is a softer/lighter color than the Milani Rose D'Oro, but a similar description applies. I think it's gorgeous and super flattering on fair skin. (If I ever go to the UK I'm positive I'll walk into a Boots and buy every Sleek item they sell, because I've loved every product I've tried so far, and the price is right. Also, I LOVE the fact that their site shows you almost all of their color products swatched on different shades of skin. Why doesn't everybody do that?) While we're on the subject of Sleek, you can get a nice rose goldish look from their i Divine eyeshadow palette in Oh So Special
  • NYX jumbo eye pencil in Yogurt: as an eyeshadow, I don't love it since it creases in like 5 minutes on me, with primer after about an hour, but it makes a great lower lash eyeliner. Really brightens the eye, and ties together a rose gold eye look quite nicely.
  • The eyelid shade on the left side of the Wet N Wild Color Icon Comfort Zone palette. This might be my favorite drugstore eyeshadow palette. A major reason I love this palette is that coppery/rose gold shade in particular, it's great for every day wear. (Although I have to admit I'm not crazy about the definer shade on the left column or the crease shade on the right since they're a bit too dark for everyday wear on me.) 
  • Essie Penny Talk nail polish - a very light copper/rose gold shade. I love it, it's a beautiful color, but I do have to say the formula is kind of a pain to work with. It will show every single imperfection. But with patience and a really good base coat, I think it's totally worth it.
  • NYX jumbo lip pencil in Copper Pink paired with NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Crystal Soda. It's a very shiny pairing, but I love it. I don't love the smell of the NYX jumbo lip pencil, but do love the scent of the mega shine lip glosses (kind of like cherry candy). Thankfully the scent of the lip pencil fades quickly, especially paired with the gloss. 
  • Last but by no means least: Color Club halo polish in Cosmic Fate. In regular lighting indoors it's a pretty rose gold/light copper shade, but in the sun/direct light, you get the full spectacular rainbow halo effect. I love the color both ways. Plus, unlike the Essie polish, it's a dream to apply, and you can almost get away with just one coat. Love this polish, will probably be playing favorites with it this summer, which is saying a lot given my rainbow collection
If you're a lover of rose gold like me, have you found any makeup products you recommend I try? 

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