Saturday, June 29, 2013


Sometimes being a beauty junkie is painful. Not only does my love of makeup often hurt my wallet, since it can be quite expensive, but it can hurt my pride when no one notices a look I spent hours trying to perfect, and sometimes it can literally cause physical pain. Like it did for me this week.

Hours later, still reddish and puffy
Thursday morning, after having put on my makeup, eyeshadow, and spent too much time trying to make sure my liquid eyeliner was on the way I liked it, I went in for the finishing touch: curling my eyelashes, then mascara. The thing is, I had spent too much time on the damn eyeliner, and was running a bit late if I was going to catch that early bus like I wanted. So I wasn't as careful as I usually am with the eyelash curler, and somehow managed to pinch my eyelid AND poke my eye with it at the same time. Those eyelash curlers look like mini little torture devices, and I'm here to tell you, when used incorrectly, they totally can be.

So the curler pinch/poke incident hurt. A LOT. My eye started watering uncontrollably. For awhile I couldn't open it.  The non-stop tears ruined the makeup I had so carefully applied, delayed my commute (since I temporarily blinded myself and could not open my eye or stop crying.) After all that careful planning and application, I ended up at work late instead of early, with no makeup on and a puffy eye. Hours later, it STILL hurt, continued to look a bit swollen, and was a bit teary. It felt like I had an eyelash in there all day - which I assume meant my poor eye was scratched up. 
Recreation of look I was aiming for.

Thankfully, after a rinse with some eye wash and good night's sleep, my eye was back to normal the next day. I decided to take a break from the eyelash curler for awhile though, since I had such a bad experience the last time we went on a date. It might take a few days for me to remember all those years of good times we've had together.
The lesson here is - don't rush with anything around the eye area, especially not sometime that looks like it was designed to torture you.

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