Friday, April 28, 2017

Current beauty favs

Despite telling myself I was going to hold back from beauty shopping this year, I've still managed to get my hands on some new (to me) things, and have been so impressed I feel the need to talk about them, because most are from brands I don't think that my friends who read this blog know much about, and/or they are new(ish) products you haven't tried. Also I haven't written a post in FOREVER so this is long overdue. So the following is a list of some of my current beauty favs, some old, some new, most I believe from brands that don't test on animals.

  • Bite Beauty - I've been a fan of their lipsticks for awhile, and a visit to their beauty lab in NYC cemented my love. Creating my own lipstick has long been a dream of mine, and getting to pick out two perfect-for-me shades made it come true. I also love that their lipsticks are made from food grade ingredients. Their matte creme lip crayons are fantastic.  
  • The Ordinary is a brand I first heard about via my beloved Caroline Hiron's blog. They make targeted, and very affordable, skincare. I have become a fan of their Glycolic Acid Toning Solution, although I wouldn't recommend it if you have very sensitive skin. Their Rose Hip oil is quite nice too. I want to try more...I've heard their new foundations are great.
  • Farmacy is on the pricier end of the spectrum than The Ordinary, but I love their whole philosophy of a marriage between nature and science. Their Green Clean cleansing balm has become a bit of an obsession - it melts away all makeup, and rinses clean with no residue, yet leaves my skin so soft. 
  • Laura Geller is a brand I'd seen and heard of but had not really tried much, until I went into Ulta during their 21 days of beauty this year, and saw their Filter Finish Setting Powder on sale half price. Swirl a brush in this beautiful mosaic of colors and you get a lovely natural looking glow/highlighter for those of us on the paler end of the spectrum. I've heard great things about their baked gelato highlighters, and although they look a bit too intensely shiny for my taste, if that's your jam I would suggest checking them out, especially if you see them on sale.
  • Colourpop is a brand I have acquired quite the collection of, particularly eyeshadows and lip products, in the past couple of years. Thankfully they are only sold online because I have a feeling that if I walked into a store and could sample everything I would walk out a lot poorer, because even at only $5-$6 each things can add up quickly. Their eye shadow formula, which has a slightly mousse/cream texture but sets like a powder, is beautiful fun makeup finger paint. By far my favorite eyeshadow of theirs is in a shade called Koosh (an ultra metallic silver taupe I LOVE which was limited edition but they have re-released and I bought a backup) and I have become a big fan of their ultra satin lip formula. Dopey and Panda are favorite shades. (Also currently on sale 20% off.)
  • Paula's Choice - their Resist moisturizer & spf  has been a game changer for me - formulated to be anti-aging AND good for oily skin. I stock up during friends & family sale time.
  • Wet N Wild - their new Photo Focus foundation is great - and the fact that it's $6 and comes in a nice variety of shades makes it awesome. The coordinating powder is pretty great too. 
  • NYX - makers of some of my favorite affordably priced makeup, recently came out with some new eyeliners I'm slightly obsessed with - the Faux Black and Faux White collections. The Faux Whites are all in light/brightening shades, and the Faux Black shades are all rich and dark. I want them all. I'm having a slight moment with the color olive, and the black olive shade in particular has become quite a favorite. 
  • Tarte - did you know they made deodorant? I have been on the hunt for an aluminum-free deodorant for years that doesn't (a) stink after an hour, (b) make me sweat more than I would without it on, and (c) doesn't break me out. I finally found one. If you see it on sale somewhere, I highly recommend it - I like the scent too, 
  • theBalm is a brand I've loved for a awhile, they are the makers of many favorites of mine that I have recommended in the past. During a 50% off sale they had on their website earlier this year, I decided to pickup a couple of new products which I absolutely love and recommend: the Balm Beach blush, a great warm-neutral toned color that is great for every day, and their Batter Up eyeshadow sticks - the latter in the shade Moonshot is just lovely. I also tried their Photobalm powder foundation but was pretty disappointed with that one so I wouldn't recommend. 
  • Juvia's Place is an indie brand I had heard a lot about and jumped on when I saw their palettes on Hautelook - one of my favorite sources to feed my habit. Their eyeshadows have great pigmentation and lasting power, and I'm quite the fan, especially when I'm going for a more dramatic look. 
  • My obsession with Korean skin care is nothing new - I was ordering BB cream online from Korea way before you could buy it at the local drugstore. The obsession has grown the more products I try and love, so much so that I've made friends and family trek out with me to Flushing, Queens not to revisit hangouts from my youth, but to shop at Korean beauty stores. (I may have created new fans of Korean products along the way.)  Some new favorites of mine include the Shea Butter Foot Mask and Honey and Sugar Jelly scrub from SKINFOOD, and the Color My Brows gel from Etude House. If you like shiny things, the PERIPERA Wholly Deep Jewel Pot Eyeshadow from Club Clio are beautiful cream eyeshadows packed with glitter that seem to stay on the eye all day, not end up all over your face. The nice thing is that now you can find Korean beauty brands at Sephora and Ulta (although I still make my treks, because I can find more stuff at usually better prices.)

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